“Artful Fiber” Evening Bag – Call Out from C & T Publishing

A few months ago, this message from C & T popped up in my inbox:

Like to play with fiber? Our newest product is going to contain a ton of fun new fibers and surfaces and we are looking for your creative ideas for how to use them. Things like silk cocoons, roving, bamboo batting, fusible web, and more. Email us today if you want to play!

It sounded like fun.  I signed up to try it and received a package of fun fibers, just like they said.  I decided to incorporate them in a silk evening bag.

Here are a couple of detail shots:

And the purse opened up to show the pretty lining.

We recently got permission to show our projects now that C & T has announced the new Artful Fiber product.

Its been a long time since I have posted a finished work.  But I’ve been working.  I made two prototype bags, both of which were donated to the hospital foundation holiday fundraiser.   I made a really nice taffeta flower for the black evening bag then forgot to take another photo.

This one is made from an UFO.  I added more buttons and some beads and, yes, donated it without taking another photo!

I’ve been working on art as well.  I have three pieces underway.  One  is nearly finished but I cannot share until May when the article is published.  I hope to have the others finished by the end of the month.



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3 responses to ““Artful Fiber” Evening Bag – Call Out from C & T Publishing

  1. Great to see you back online, Kathie!


    P.S. Is it as cold there as it is here (-29C with the wind chill…)

  2. Desiree Vaughn

    Great job! Congratulations.


  3. Lori

    Awesome Kathy, they take my breath away. I loved that purse that you donated.

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