A Mention in the Press

On November Winds

Yesterday my Google Alert turned up an interesting tidbit.  The Fine Arts Writer for the Detroit News mentioned a Fiber Artists Coalition exhibit at the Northville Art House in The Arts and singled out one of my pieces for mention:

Up through Saturday is “13 Ways to View a Blackbird & Other Thoughts in Thread,” in which fiber artists stitched quilts that respond to the Wallace Stevens poem of a similar name. Particularly affecting is Charlevoix artist Kathie Briggs’ quilt, in which a blackbird appears to be flying across a wintry, cubist landscape.

The fact that it was mentioned in The Arts and by the Fine Arts Writer as opposed to a listing for a quilt show in the Weekend section was particularly gratifiying, not just for me but for our entire group.

And a friend mailed me this from the Northville paper which was my  hometown paper for over 25 years:




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6 responses to “A Mention in the Press

  1. Hooray! It is a lovely piece and wonderful recognition.

  2. Congratulations, Kathie! A beautifully rendered piece; the kudos are well deserved.

  3. Hi Kathie; congratulations on your blackbird piece, I love it. it is so
    gratifying when praise comes from a fine arts source. why I dont know or
    maybe I do, I never really feel I’m an artist because of lack of real art
    education. which is probably not the case with you but anyway I do love
    your work. keep on with your art.
    Verna from PEI, Canada

  4. Wonderful! Good for you and everyone in your group.

  5. Dear Kathie,
    What a lovely piece! Very worthy of an art critic’s attention! How big is the piece? Guessing from the scale of the beads, I’d say maybe 18″ x 12″, but the image is so strong that it could be much larger.
    Keep up the good work,
    Linda Laird
    SAQA So Cal/So Nev

  6. Kathie~
    Congratulations! It is beautiful. How wonderful that it got the recognition that it deserves.
    Sue Schultz

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