The Dogs of Summer

I’ve had some fun lately making pieces to submit to an all medial “Dogs and Pony” show.  The theme really caught my attention but initially I was hesitant because I wanted to make pieces about my dogs and all my dogs are (and have been) black.  But I decided to give it a try and really enjoyed this project.

“Charlie: It’s All About the Ball” 20″ x 36″

My big 110 pound Lab, Charlie, loves his tennis balls.  The yard is full of them; he tries to sneak them into the house and into the car.  But he has the most fun with them in the lake.  Of course we hoped he’d be a “big air” dog and jump off the dock when we throw the ball.  He does this sometimes but half the time he jumps in before we throw the ball.  I snapped a photo of him doing that a while back and that was the inspiration for this piece.

"Annie" 24" x 28"

Annie is my walking pal and personal trainer.  There is no weather condition that dampens her spirit. When we walk in the country I let her run in the fields on a retractable leash.  The other day she sat down amidst the wild flowers and looked back at me, hence the inspiration for this piece and really the impetus to begin “The Dogs of Summer” mini-series.

My kitty, Ceecee, is an indoor cat and she’s a pretty black & white tuxedo kitty.  I think she’s the next subject.



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4 responses to “The Dogs of Summer

  1. deb

    Love, love, love these, Kathie! You’ve really captured the spirit of each of them! Can’t wait for CeeCee’s…

  2. Kathie, the dog pieces are artistic, charming and very much your own style. I love them, too. Carol

  3. Great pieces, Kathie — but you know I’m a bona fide Cat Person and can’t wait to see what you do with CeeCee! 🙂

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