The Big Red UFO

It all began in 2004 when I found the book “Circle Play” by Raynola Pakusich.  I was fairly new at art quilts and wanted to play with something a little more abstract than what I had been doing.  I liked the geometry involved so I went to my stash of Asian fabrics and picked a palette of red, black, gray, gold and white.  I sat down with my brand new shiny copy of EQ (Electric Quilt Software) and made a whole series of designs that pretty accurately reflected what was in the mix.  I got the block made and abandon it temporarily (I thought) to work on something else. I suspect I was unsure how I was going to quilt it once I got it all put together.

I found it last year when I cleaned out a storage cabinet.  I found several UFOs–quilts and dolls–and gave each one a designation: pitch, recycle, or finish.  This is the last of the UFOs and it is finally finished.   It’s 48″ on a side and took forever to quilt.  Its too big for my photo setup so I had to photograph it against the side of the garage.  That involved dousing myself  with insect repellent and setting up the tripod up in the garden, but here it is.

And now, seven years later, it still needs a name.  I’m going to enter it into our out local group’s show next month and still cannot think of a name for it.  I would love some suggestions.

"Big Red UFO" 48" x 48"


I saved the circles cut from the background fabric (behind the appliques) and I think I’m going to play around with them, in a more unstructured way.  My sytle has changed a lot in the past 7 years but I still like to dabble with grids and circles once in a while.




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14 responses to “The Big Red UFO

  1. Sherryl

    Just call it BIG RED

  2. Toni Mitt

    That’s just what I was goinig to suggest! Big Red!

  3. How about red circles squared? BTW looks great!!

  4. Chaya

    The Four R’s (in this case referring to reduce, recycle, reuse and red.)

  5. Sharon

    That’s so funny…. I was going to say “Big Red”
    as well. When I read the other comments I cracked up. Brilliant minds think alike! Sharon

  6. Red in oriental culture usually denotes happiness or luck…are you happy it’s done? Lucky you didn’t throw it out years ago? Doesn’t help with the name, though, does it? Beautiful work.

  7. Anne Peck

    I’d go for “Red Moons Rising”!

  8. How about Cirangles….since it is all circles and angles. I like making up new words!

  9. From Mars to Manhatten. I have no idea, it just popped into my head.
    Perhaps because Mars is the Red planet and your quilt is so classy looking
    it looks like it is dressed up for a night out on the town in the Big Red Apple.

  10. deb

    Geometry, or Pi R Squared. The size is so deceiving in the photo, the proportions are right!

  11. lindamac

    How about “Order From Chaos”.
    The image that came to mind when I looked at “Big Red” was of planets being alligned with the grid, much as you would use the triangle thingy to gather pool table balls and line them up.

  12. I would like to unsubscribe to the posts but there is nowhere to do so. Can you delete me??

  13. I’m with the “Big Red” fans. Great name for a grand piece of work. Or, maybe “Red Planets” or “Mars, Multiplied”…. 😉

  14. Great quilt, but I think all the good names are taken. I really like Red Planets as suggested by Marg. I have two quilts I made using hot colors, one is Heat Wave and the other is Hot Spots. Both of those would work, too.

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