Working with Scraps

Every year at the Focus on Fiber retreat there’s a pile of miscellaneous scrap fabric in the corner.  Some people add to it, some comb through it periodically.  Its all “free to a good home.”  I generally work with what I bring to the retreat but this year on the last day I was at a loss for something to work on.  The dye studio was already dismantled and my friend who brought me a spare machine had already departed.  I’m not much of hand-work person so I decided to play with the scraps.  By the  end of the week they were picked over.  These were the discards, the unwanted.

So I decided to play around arranging them on a piece of batting.   I pinned them in place and then hand basted them because I figured the piece would travel home better this way. Once I got home I had a lot of demands on my time.  What little studio time I had was not suitable for anything that required real concentration.  I needed an escape.  So I free motioned the whole thing and finished it with a “Bird Ross” edging rather than a binding.

untitled 29" x 19"

I don’t know what its supposed to be.  Maybe an abstract landscape?  It doesn’t look like anything I’ve done before.  But it was fun and the fabric was free after all.



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2 responses to “Working with Scraps

  1. to me it has sort of a Turkish look — like the meeting ground between East and West.

  2. Totems; I’m definitely seeing totems. 🙂

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