Side by Side

"Cycles" left/top, "Advent" right

Some life “complications” are keeping me from the studio lately.  Times like this really emphasize how much the act of creating art or craft adds to my life.  When I am deprived of the opportunity I don’t feel quite whole.

Last month while attending Focus on Fiber in Florida I had the opportunity to visit the two main venues for “Volusia Wrapped in Fiber.”  I took photos of some exciting pieces, carefully writing in my notebook  the name of artist and title for each photograph I took.  But do you think I can find the notebook?

At the Peabody in Dayton Beach I was delighted to find “Advent” by my friend Margaret Blank hanging next to “Cycles”.  What were the chance they would be exhibited side by side?  If I ever find the notebook I will add the name of the grouping below “Cycles”.



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2 responses to “Side by Side

  1. Hope you can get back into the studio soon, Kathie!!

  2. Precious, Kathie,

    Thank you for this gift, which I received after my first full day as the only fibre artist in a sea of painters, potters and carvers at the Lacombe Art Exhbit & Sale. It was a day of mixed blessings, but your post is not at all mixed. It is pure sweetness, and for this I thank you. It would seem that the serendipity at Volusia has produced cyber-hugs for both of us. Blessings to you, dear heart, and to your Bill!


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