Milagros: Twins

Milgros: Twins 30" x 20"

This is the first of my pieces for the Fiber Artists Coalition‘s traveling exhibition “Milgros.”   The word “Milagros” means “little miracles” and to me one of the greatest miracles is the emergence of spring with the rebirth of the forest and the new life that these twins represent.

Deer are abundant in our woods but I have been a bit intimidated to depict them.  The particular inspiration for this piece was an incident several years ago when twin fawns wandered into our yard.  From the window we watched them play, then settle in for a nap, awake and play again.



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10 responses to “Milagros: Twins

  1. Linda

    I really love the fawns and the beautiful background. The textures and colors are very realistic. Beautiful piece!

  2. Lovely! Did you paint their wee faces? Such expression! Milagros, to be sure. 🙂

  3. They look very natural. I think you have a new subject matter to explore. This is excellent.

  4. Kathie, you did a great job on the fawns!!! But I/we wouldn’t expect any less from you! Nice job!!

  5. sybil winfield

    Very nice. I think you will really enjoy working with animals and reptiles. I draw the line at bugs.

  6. A. Carole Grant

    Kathy, this is superb… reminds me of Bambi… my all-time favorite little deer..
    You did a great job!.. looking forward now to your skunks, et al.

  7. deb

    Beautiful, the deer are so well done, and the green makes me yearn for spring even more.

  8. kat

    Lovely quilt, Kathie.

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