This is a Quilt! SAQA’s 2011-2012 Traveling Trunk Show

Going Round in Circles all the Time 10" x 10"

This is my entry to the Studio Art Quilt Associates second traveling trunk show.  I’m excited to be part of this exhibit since last year I was lucky enough to secure 64 pieces from the first trunk show for an education component in a fiber show I curated for our local art center.  Since the small works were matted and encased in plastic sleeves visitors were able to handle them and inspect them close-up.  The pubic response to these small pieces was enthusiastic.

As part of the celebration of SAQA’s 20th anniversary year, SAQA created and organized the SAQA Trunk Show.  183 SAQA members responded to a call for small works which would represent their artistic voices.  Each 8″-square art quilt was matted with archival mat board.   They were grouped into three trunks, to travel around the world until the end of 2010.  After they are finished traveling, many of them will be available for sale through  Sixty-four small works are included in the collection featured at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts from July 16 through September 18, 2010.   The artwork is protected by plastic so viewer may pick up a piece for further examination.  On the back of each piece is a statement from the artist as well as contact information.

Creating something on this scale that features the techniques I am currently using in my work was a bit of a challenge.   I started and stopped quite a few times, then finally the piece started to evolve.  As it turns out its visual journal of the way I’ve felt the past two or three month:  Going ’round and ’round in circle all the time….trying to keep too many balls in the air.    Funny what happens when you let your subconscious take over.




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3 responses to “This is a Quilt! SAQA’s 2011-2012 Traveling Trunk Show

  1. deb

    Lovely piece, Kathie. It looks like it should be much larger than it is, maybe because I am used to your larger work.

  2. Like your piece, Kathie! Great minds think alike, I guess: mine features circles too. 🙂 It’s going to be a great show!

  3. Love this piece, I’m a big fan of purple and circles. I keep thinking about using buttons and never do, but I’m inspired by your work.
    And great job on the deer, can’t wait to see what mammal you do next.

    Sandra-owner of your ‘Too busy-Time” Journal Quilt with the giant cherry Hoffman challenge fabric backing.

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