Machine Quilting Unlimited

I am thrilled to have artwork featured in the current issue of  my favorite periodical, Machine Quilting Unlimited. I enjoy many things about this magazine.  In addition to the expected eye-candy, there are a lot of great tips for improving my stitch techniques like managing larger quilts and ideas for filler stitches.   This month has a fabulous article by Carol Watkins on Thread Painting.  Even though I don’t make traditional quilts I enjoy learning about how traditional quilters create such gorgeous patterns like feathers.

The piece featured is “Visitor” which was inspired by a visit from a juvenile Trumpeter Swan.  The piece has been purchased by a collector but it still remains one of my favorites and I am honored to have it published in such a great magazine.



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3 responses to “Machine Quilting Unlimited

  1. Bravo, Kathie! I’ve never seen this magazine on Canadian newstands…is it available only by subscription? Maybe I should buy the January issue to get an idea of the contents (which are exceedingly fine, by the way, if you’re included!) ?

  2. Kathie,
    I’m not familiar with this magazine but now will check it out. “Visitor” looks beautiful on your blog, I look forward to seeing it in print. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Kathie, I was really struck by this quilt when I saw it in the magazine. It’s lovely!

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