Table Art (a better name)

"table art" runner 42" x 18

I originally made this thinking I would use it for Christmas but the Circle of Arts is looking for seasonal pieces so I may offer it to the sales gallery.  (I can always make another one for myself).  But I don’t want to label it as a “table runner.”   I can just envision someone saying  “How in the world can they charge this much when I can get one at [fill in the name of the big-box store with 3rd world imports] for less than half this!”

So I renamed these pieces table art!  And actually one looks pretty good draped on a chair too.

Next on my list:  how to attach a price tag to the bowl.



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3 responses to “Table Art (a better name)

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty! And in one of my favourite colours, too — raspberry sherbet! 🙂

  2. deb

    I like your thinking!

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