Polyphemus moth

Polyphemus Moth 20" x 18"

Polyphemus Moth 20" x 18"



A few years ago the theme for the Allwood Audubon quilt show was insects.  I made a large piece depicting a Luna Moth.  Really loved that piece and it sold rather promptly.   Last summer I needed artwork to donate to a fundraiser.  I came across some dark blue fabric I had over-dyed and it suggested a similar theme but a different moth.  So I got out my trust Audubon Guide to Insects and found the Polyphemus moth, which like the Luna is a north American silkworm moth and has an average wingspan of 6″.  And like the Luna, they have the interesting “eye spots” on their wings.  Their color ranges from tan to orangish-tan and I took a bit of license with the color.

So I made my first orange moth  (see this earlier post) and it was successful in raising funds for the arts program here in Charlevoix.  After seeing the photograph,  friend commissioned a similar composition.  The sky fabric has more “light” in it so I made the moon larger to give the feel of a hazy night.  I am finding that I enjoy these night fliers.  They are as lovely as butterflies.


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  1. teri

    And the lovely Luna hangs graciously in Nova Scotia where she greets me and my guests every morning as we leave our rooms. Both these new pieces are wonderful!

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