This month’s challenge for the Fast Friday group was to write or find a haiku to use as inspiration.  This being late October I looked out the window and saw:

crimson leaves still clutch
frost-bound branch and pray to thwart
wind’s fateful last blow

Crimson Leaves 16" x 24" (gallery wrapped)

I tried to suggest the wind with some stitching that I hope you can see in the detail:

I’m not wild for the name Crimson Leaves.  Anyone have a better idea?



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8 responses to “Haiku

  1. rayna gillman

    Kathie – this is a beautiful, lyrical piece. What about Late October? The piece speaks for itself.

  2. acarolegrant

    Wow, Kathie… this is lovely…I like Rayna’s suggestion, but I am thinking in terms of just ‘October’.

  3. Karen

    Crimson’s Last Stand

  4. deb

    What an excellent challenge and interpretation, the background illuminates with October’s light and the movement is exactly what we are experiencing here in metro Detroit today.

  5. Diana Feit

    “frost-bound branch” as You said

  6. Diana Feit

    “frost-bound branch” as You said

  7. Lovely! We don’t have sugar maples out here, and I miss them…but your piece reminds me…of where I grew up. 🙂

  8. Evan


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    Thank you for your time, and please let us know if you have any questions.


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