The Chicken Quilt Saga

Yesterday I finished a quilt that I began in 2004.  I found it when I was sorting through a cabinet and had completely forgotten about it.  I took a good look at it and thought it was cute enough to finish up and donate to a charity silent auction.  Once I began working on it I remembered the story of why I made it.

In early 2003 the Crooked Tree Art Center commissioned 20 local artists to transform a variety of carts into “working works of art” for their annual fundraiser “Dart for Art”.  I was lucky enough to get this primitive child’s toy cart:

The cart "before"

which immediately told me “I want to be a chicken.”   So I transformed it into a Chicken Cart and made a small jester to ride in the cart.

The cart "after"

Normally I don’t have any problem letting my work go but I got pretty attached to the Chicken Cart.  Probably because it was such a challenge but also I collect chicken “stuff.”  The good news is a friend of mine became the happy owner and she still really likes it.

I was part of the 2004 Journal Quilt Project at the time so I made my second journal quilt to commemorate the Chicken Cart:

Februrary 2004 Journal Quilt

That winter I took a convergence quilt   workshop at the local quilt shop, probably to relieve cabin fever.  I pieced the convergence portion of it pretty quickly but it didn’t do anything for me.   So I added a chicken that was similar to the one on the journal quilt and added a nest with eggs.

Chicken #3

I started to quilt it and had gotten about 1/3 of the convergence center quilted when I put it away for some reason.  I have no recollection of why but it was way on the bottom of a shelf, deep in my storage cabinet.

Chicken Quilt 33 x 33

It only took a few days to finish.  I suspect I quilt a lot faster now than I did 6 1/2 years ago.  Tomorrow I will deliver it to the hospital foundation office and in December it will find a permanent home.   The nest

So, one more UFO is done.  There are a few more that look like they are worth doing something with….in a while.



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3 responses to “The Chicken Quilt Saga

  1. Great fun, Kathie! I once shared a room at a quilt retreat with a woman who was also fond of ‘things chicken’. 🙂 Your story reminded me of her. We’ve lost touch…but your tale brought back lovely memories. Thanks!

  2. deb

    Oh how time does fly! I remember those projects like they were finished yesterday. The quilt is charming!

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