Tote Bag for my iPad

iPad Tote front

On Monday I broke down and bought myself an iPad. Suffice to say I LOVE it.  I bought a slip-on case to protect it (mainly from the cat) that allows it to be propped up in different configurations for typing, display, etc.  The case is useful enough around the house but I want to take my new baby with me when I’m out & about.   I didn’t care for any of the cases I saw at the computer store–they looked like little briefcases–and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money.

So I decided to just make something.  I had recently come across an early attempt at an art quilt, probably circa 2004–maybe someone recognizes the fabric.  I didn’t know much about stitching then.  I used a lot of my sewing machine’s built-in stitches with heavy thread and the effect was not what I was looking for.  Still, there was plenty to work with and it certainly was colorful.   So I cut it up, stitched up a little tote and sewed on a fun polymer button that someone gave me a long time ago.  Its a snug fit & that may be OK since its not going to slide around.   What makes me happy is that I recycled something that was otherwise useless and that no one in the world will have a iPad tote bag that looks like this one.

iPad Tote back



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8 responses to “Tote Bag for my iPad

  1. This is a great idea – I have an old quilt that needs a new life and I want a nice tote for mine, too.

  2. Very cute, Kathie! Now…how is an iPad different from an iPod?

  3. Do you have a pattern for this or are you going to make them for sale? I have an Ipad and I absolutely love mine. I hope you enjoy yours. There are some great Quilt Apps.

    Chris Wheeler

  4. Lorrie

    Hi, did you use a pattern or did you just make one up? If so, will you share it?

    Thank you,

  5. I would love to make one like this too? any suggestions on measurements etc?

  6. Candy CB

    You could always have a removable strap to give them more options, but personally I would make mine with a strap and just tuck it in (inside little pocket perhaps) when I did not want to use it.

  7. It was the Thinking outside the block competition. I entered and the quilt was chosen to travel. I will send you pics.
    Dianne Leatherdale Johnson

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