Enduring Arts

Moonlight Magic 20" x 24"

This piece featuring a  Polyphemus moth will be part of an art & wine auction to raise funds to support the arts programs in the schools in our town.  We have many talented kids and their teachers are wonderful but they don’t have much of a budget for materials.  Like many towns, all the money goes into the sports programs.  So a couple who operate a restaurant with a wine & gourmet shop founded “Enduring Arts” to augment this situation and also provide scholarships.   It will be a fun evening with food, wine, music and….art!



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8 responses to “Enduring Arts

  1. Inez

    Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Hi Kathie,

    So great to see your art quilts! They are stunning!!!!!

  3. your moth quilt is just beautiful.

  4. Kathie,
    Your art quilts are BEAUTIFUL! Love your work.

  5. Your work is absolutely stunning and awesome!

  6. I am just discovering you and your work, and can I say “LOVE”? You’re works is so beautiful Kathie – thank you for creating it!

    And thank goodness for SAQA that allows artists to connect with each other – as that’s how I found you.

    Congratulation on your piece that earned the most at that fundraiser auction! That’s awesome!

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