One of a Kind at Charlevoix Circle of Arts

Poster (before corrections)

The show actually opened nearly two weeks ago but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to edit the photos I took.  And they aren’t wonderful because I didn’t use my flash.  We are allowing non-flash photos at the exhibit and I figure the same rules apply to me.  The show consists of 56 fiber art pieces by 26 artists.

One of the featured exhibits is “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by the Fiber Artists Coalition, a group of SAQA artists from the Great Lakes area.

A portion of the Blackbird ExhibitL Artwork by Joan Potter Thomas, Peg Keeney, Kathie Briggs (2), Cheryl Dineen Ferrin (2), Trish Williams, Laura Wasilowski

My solo show “45° North: is at the opposite end of the gallery:

We used movable panels to feature the works of invited artists.

Artwork by Meredith Krell, Desiree Vaughn, Shanna Robinson, Peg Keeney, Meredith Krell

Some lovely sheer work were hung in front of the north-facing windows. And samples from the SAQA Trunk Show were displayed throughout the room

Artwork by Rosemary Claus-Gray and Barbara Bushey

To get an idea of the size of the room, this photo was taken from the center.

Artwork on far right by Desiree Vaughn

It was very exciting to be the curator for this show.

“The Graphic”,  a weekly guide to what’s happening in northern Michigan carried an “Art Scene” interview with me in conjunction with the show.



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4 responses to “One of a Kind at Charlevoix Circle of Arts

  1. Congratulations again, Kathie!! Even if you couldn’t use a flash, the photos are very good — and it’s so *special* to see your pieces in one cohesive whole.


  2. deb

    Very nice article! Congratulations! Your photos are a nice teaser, but I can’t wait to see the exhibit in person.

  3. Vou Best

    My compliments to you on the SAQA Trunk Show Exhibit at your Event. The small size art should have a large impact in it’s setting.

  4. Pam Clark

    What a lovely place to hold a small quilt show. Your quilts are lovely. Wish I lived closer. (I live in Iowa). I would love to come and see the exhibit in person.

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