In Need of a Name….Again

"Milkweeds" 24" x 18"

Here’s another piece in my “Weed” series, though technically Milkweed is not a weed at all but a Michigan wildflower.  They grow in profusion here and often in company with cattails.   Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on them so they are an important plant.  And I think they are pretty.

But this piece needs a snappier name.  Any suggestions?



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17 responses to “In Need of a Name….Again

  1. “Cattails dipped in Milk Weed”

    It is lovely I am from Michigan and so love to see the way you have taken the beauty and put it to fabric!

  2. Boosom Buddies came to mind when I read your description. Kind of a play on words too with the milkweed. LOL

    Beautiful piece by the way!

  3. How about Michigan Beauties?

  4. It is a great piece and I wish I were better at naming.
    A play on words between cats and milk would be great but I am at a loss….
    Natural Partners/ Partnerships
    Natures Pairs
    Cats and Milk Together Again
    Good luck with your entry.

  5. How about “Monarch Breakfast” or “Monarch Buffet”? I have a piece named Monarch Breakfast (with a big monarch on a flower), but you can have that name, too! “Monarch Nursery” also comes to mind since the milkweed serves as the birthplace. Lovely piece!

  6. Tales or (Tails) of the Monarch

  7. I was thinking something with cats and milk, then when you talked about the Monarchs I thought of “Monarch Haven”. Not real witty. Good luck.

  8. Debi Bright

    How about Monarch’s Nest?

    Miss you!

    Goddess of Flame

  9. Lexi Helm

    How about “On Good Ground” – this is from the Parable of The Sower in Matthew 13:8. There is so much depth to this parable. I like it when a title has real meaning to it, and your quilt really does speak to the wonders of nature.

  10. Sherry Boram

    I love your nature pieces, Kathie. You sure live in a gorgeous place for inspiration.

    “Wayside Beauties”

  11. Judith Gleason Glover

    This came to my mind. Two Plants that Go ‘Poof’
    That’s because they both go to seed in a poof and the seeds blow on the wind. Unfortunately ‘poof’ may not be a real word. I couldn ‘t find it in my dictionary.

  12. How about Wet Foot Buddies since both grow in the very wettest spots. I want some milkweed for my garden, but I don’t have a wet enough spot.

  13. Cathy Vigor

    How about “Heads or Tails”?

  14. Ann Hanewald

    How about Cat-tales.

  15. Sue Schultz

    I love this piece. “Butterfly nests” is what I thought of for the name. Love all the other suggestions you had. Great work Kathie!

  16. deb

    I’ve been thinking about this alot…but you already have so many good suggestions. This so reminds me of the Lake Michigan shoreline where we go, so my suggestion is “Shoreline Shelter”. Really lovely piece!

  17. “Reaching for God’s Light” would be a neat name!

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