Deconstructed Screen Printing

Last week members of the Northern Michigan Textile Artists met at North Central Michigan College for deconstructed screen printing workshop.   I took a 5-day workshop in this technique with Kerr Grabowski a few years ago.  I love the process but am usually limited to summertime when I can do this type of work outside.  So I decided to join in the fun at the college.  The first week we prepared our screens with MX Procion dyes that had been mixed with print paste.  We laid the screens over a variety of found objects before applying the thickened dyes.  I used bubble wrap, a mesh vegetable bag, rubber bands, toothpicks, etc.

A week later after the screens had thoroughly dried we used the print paste as a release agent to transfer the dyes to the fabric.

I got 9 “pulls” from the first screen and they varied from dark to light.  Here’s a close up of one from the middle of the run.

I had high hopes for the second screen.  The large circular element is a placemat that I thougtht would be striking.

But when I removed it from the dried screen most of the dye stuck to the placemat rather than the screen.  The results were disappointing.  The color is not bad but the detail is not what I had hoped for.

I had time for one more small screen.  I placed down brown craft paper and scattered toothpicks.  Then used what a could scrounge at the end of the session–a mixture of red and orange that wound up a gorgeous red-orange that reminds me of nasturtiums.

I have six small pieces but they are the most interesting results from the workshop.  I’ve already cut the fabric and  plan to take it to the Focus on Fiber retreat with me next week and do something with most, if not all, of it.



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3 responses to “Deconstructed Screen Printing

  1. I took an online class in screen printing with Lyric Kinard this winter, and agree that I think I’d rather mess around with it outside. Still, I had fun with my home-made screen (used stretcher bars and cut a piece of screen to fit) and enjoyed the process. I have a dyeing weekend in an old barn at the home of an art quilt friend each summer (7 of us get together) and will do some more there, I think, along with playing with gelatine mono-printing. I like your work, even if some of the details didn’t turn out the way you wanted. 🙂

  2. Lera Cavanaugh

    Hi, Kathie,
    Love the deconstructed fabric stuff. I did some snow dyeing this winter and loved it. Maybe I’ll try some deconstructed printing this summer. Hope you have a great time in Florida.

  3. Kat

    It’s fun to see what comes from the process. We had a good time at our winter getaway doing DSP. But I believe I enjoy dyeing fabric more than printing it. Thought it’d be the other way around.

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