Postmark’d Art – Round 10

Over five years ago I joined “Postmark’d Art“, an on-line group formed to exhange 4″ x 6” fabric postcards.  I’ve participated in every round and have enjoyed creating miniatures sometimes based on a particular theme or technique.  I’ve also acquired a large collection of wonderful postcards created by other fiber artists.  Its always a delightful surprise when one arrives in the mail.

This round we have decided that “anything goes” for the theme.  Even though we have had a relatively mild winter, by March I am tired of the snow and my eyes are aching to see some green.  So I pieced a background with as many spring greens for the wood violets to hide in.  They are a small, early wildflower, easy to miss in the yard or the woods but lovely.  I figure I will see a real one in about 6 weeks.


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One response to “Postmark’d Art – Round 10

  1. Very pretty, Kathie! Strikes just the right note, too, as I am also gearing up for spring…watching snow melt, so perhaps the croci I planted last fall will wink at me from my back lawn.

    Hey, perhaps our artistsupport should ‘keep each other posted’ this way on occasion…


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