Soy Wax Batik

On Thursday I got together with my friend Desiree Vaughn to play with soy wax batik.  Generally in the past I have started with white fabric but this time I started with several pre-dyed fabrics in addition to the white.   The first was an ugly green that turned out darker than I had intended, the next was a highly mottled celery green, also a pale chartreuse and a very pale cerulean blue.My first experiments used with the ugly green fabric ( figuring I had nothing to lose).  For the piece on the left I applied the wax with some string glued to a block and overdyed it with a combination of navy & black.  The fabric on the right used a child’s block and a paintbrush that I had notched.  It was overdyed with navy.I used some corrugated cardboard to apply the wax to the fabric on the left.  It didn’t do a great job, was messy to use and the wax cooled so quickly that I didn’t get a good image.  But I like the pattern and plan to try corrugated metal next time .   The fabric on the right is a “sampler” of various toys.  Both were overdyed with a dark orange.

I used a plastic berry basket for the pattern on each of these.  The fabric on the left is the mottled celery.  The fabric on the right started as white.  Both were dyed with a mixture of celery and chartreuse.

Both of the next two pieces started with the mottled celery cloth .  I used the same tools on each and crackled the wax before painting with the dye.  The one on the left is overdyed with the same mixture I used above (more or less) and the piece right was overdyed with purple.

Next I switched to blue.  I was trying for lighter blues since I have too many darker blues.   the piece on the left is a monoprint from dye-painting the piece on the right.  It is very light but I think its cool.More blues using the pale cerulean base.  The piece on the left is a sampler; the piece on the right is simply textured.  Both are crackled.

I used white fabric for my last two experiments.  I like the way the green & purple mix to make brown.  Unfortunately something got on the yellow & orange piece but I am planning on cutting it up so I’ll just work around it.

Working with small pieces (roughly fat quarters) gave me a chance to experiment with different techniques.   The notes I made will be useful when I am ready to tackle some yardage for a specific piece.



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6 responses to “Soy Wax Batik

  1. Wonderful work, isn’t soy wax so much fun! I won’t go back to the paraffin and beeswax again.
    I love the green and purple piece, its yummy!

  2. I enjoyed looking at all your wonderful fabrics! It makes me want to try soy wax batik sometime.

  3. Great posting and it looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your work!

  4. What fun! I can’t decide which one I like the best.

  5. What great fun you had with this! And fruit baskets… how perfect! Have to get this activity organized for my dyeing weekend with galfriends in July. We’ll be in an old barn, where we can get really messy. 🙂

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