Crane Dance

All summer I hear Sandhill Cranes calling as they fly overhead but we live deep in the woods so I rarely see them until late in the summer when they begin staging.  Hundreds of Sandhills gather in the newly harvested fields to fuel up for their migration.

So every afternoon I walk out in search of the flock.  Most days I can find them just down the road, a mile or two.

I watch them wander through the fields.  I see them leap and  dance though I’ve never gotten a very good photo of that.  But even the blurry photos serve as good models for sketches.  So from last summer’s inspiration, the next piece in the series.

Invitation 23" x 32'

I am still trying to come up with the title.  “Invitation” is just the working title. I’m thinking of “Invitation to the. Dance” and “May I Have This Dance?”   Any suggestions?



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3 responses to “Crane Dance

  1. deb

    I love the stance and interaction of the cranes. Great background. I like the slightly mysterious tone of your working title.

  2. I love that you are making such beautiful work based on your observations in your personal place on the planet. And I like “Invitations” just on its own, it’s open-ended and the viewer can bring their own interpretations to it.

  3. What beautiful and graceful birds! Your work reflects those aspects very well. Have you seen “Winged Migration” the film that follows birds while they migrate 1000’s of miles?
    How lucky you are to be able to share some time with the cranes.

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