A Traditional Quilt Block and Tactile Prayer

Last month a woman in our community was severely injured in a tragic accident.  She is wonderful person, active in public service and is also a quilter.  I’ve known her casually for several years ever since she took a quilt design class from me.  Our local quilt shop is making a quilt to send to her at the rehab clinic.   Of course I wanted to make a block even though traditional quilt blocks are “not really my thing.”  So I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up the blue fabric each block is to feature.  I dug through my commercial prints and found some good choices to go with.  Then I dug through my files and found the quilt block instructions from the “block of the month” quilt I was challenged to make a few years ago.   (And yes, I actually finished a queen size bed quilt but that is another story.)

As I started I recalled the healing dolls I have made for people and the comfort the dolls brought them.   I believe that putting my intentions as a tactile prayer into the dolls gives some kind of positive energy to them, an energy that is felt by the recipient.  So as I cut and sewed and pressed and sewed I prayed for strength for Linda as she recovers and learns to live with the challenges her disability presents.   And I know all over town other quilters are doing the same.

Its been years since I made a traditional quilt block and it may be years before I make another.


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  1. I love the idea of the tactile prayer, and your execution is rich with traditional-with-a-twist beauty. Thanks for the inspiration!

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