Earth: A New Perspective

Kat Campau is curating an exhibit at the 212 Art Center in Saline, Michigan based on the book, “Earth: A New Perspective” by Nicholas Cheetham which features images taken by the NASA Terra satellite.  The instruments on the satellite record earth’s emissions in surprising colors which create compelling abstract composition.


Mount St. Helens 18" x 23"

I chose the photo of Mount St. Helens first.  I hadn’t worked with red and turquoise in a long time and was excited to work with some of the batiks that have been languishing in stash.  The two colors create a lot of movement.

Amazon 29" x 18"

The Amazon photo had such interesting lines.  The resulting quilt reminds me a bit of Piet Mondrian but it also has a bit of an Asian feel to it.

Namib Desert 23" x 18"

Namib Desert 21" x 18"

The third image, the Namib Desert in Namibia was the most challenging.   After I pieced it, it just looked flat.  I layered some scraps between water soluble stabilizer and sewed them together in a lose netting then tacked it onto the surface in a few spots.

Namib Desert Detail

The show opens in mid January as I’m looking forward to seeing photographs of the other artworks inspired by the book.



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2 responses to “Earth: A New Perspective

  1. deb

    I’m blown away, these pieces are beautiful!

  2. Kat

    I can hardly wait to see these in person. What a fun job I have.

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