For years I have picked dried milkweed pods for floral arrangements.  I’ve photographed and sketched milkweed for a long time.

45 Degrees North: Milkweeds I 30" x 20"

45 Degrees North: Milkweeds I 30" x 20"

Some of the pods are 3D. I used silk paper and small beads for the kapok and seeds.  I enjoyed making this so much that I have started working on a second one.  And am revisiting the thistle sketches I made a while back.  Seeds, weeds and pods are all pretty fascinating subjects.

Milkweed pod detail

Milkweed pod detail

One thing I have noticed is that during summer and winter I am quite content to work with muted shades and but in the winter, one everything is gray, white and brown I crave color in my life and it finds its way into my work.



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2 responses to “Milkweeds

  1. Kathie,
    Wow! This turned out so fabulous, I just love it. I’m glad to see you finished this piece – maybe I’ll go work on mine ;o)

  2. vivian helena

    I love your work, and had not been on your web site before. Fun to see your little dolls, I have been making some also. I call mine Comfort Dolls and they go to friends in need, or I do sell them at the shows some times. We are so blessed to share in Postmarkd’art. hugs, vivian

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