On November Winds

This is the 2nd piece for the Fiber Arts Coalition “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”  Exhibit.  I finished beading it just before Fabrications but life kept getting in the way of getting a halfway decent photo.

On November Winds

On November Winds 23" x 18"

This was the first idea that I came up with when I read the poem.  I sketched it out and it was originally going to be fairly large with my hand-dyed fabric as a whole-cloth background and the branches appliqued.  The blowing leaves were going to be batik and/or lutrador.  But somehow I never could get going on this.

Fast-forward to the fascination with the  free-piecing technique.  I sized it down and finally got the nerve to cut into the hand-dyed fabric.  Now I much prefer the look of the background broken up and randomly pieced.  I hit a speed bump when it came time for the leaves until I remember:  beads!


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