After Fabrications

A week after coming home from Fabrication Retreat and a workshop with Lyric Kinard and I’m still working on the background for the piece that was supposed to be our final project.  A lot of workshop time was spent drawing.  I already had pages of milkweed pods in my sketchbook and wound up adding more.   And some of the fabric I free cut for the small studies were the same shape as milkweed pods.  So it seem like a natural subject for my composition.  I knew I wanted to work large and I didn’t have the fabric I wanted go use (no matter fabric I take I always wind up needing something entirely different.  So I spent the last day drawing and stitching up some squares for future project.  I can always use dark green backgrounds and/or borders.

Once I came home I had a lot of other things to take care of so it was an hour here and an hour there.  It took me forever to decide on the fabric to use for the background.    And then it takes a while to free-piece it but its a process I really enjoy:

Background as planned

Background as planned

I was just about to sew the last strip on when I decided to flip it to see what would happen.

Version 2

And now I can decide which way I like it better.  Looks like I’ll need to give it some  time.  I have printed out both version and will draw the milkweed pods over each and see what happens.


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  1. deb

    Whichever you decide, its beautiful.

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