Pin Dolls

doll bodies

Lots and lots of little doll bodies for a pin doll workshop I will be presenting one evening at Fabrications Retreat .  They are all stuffed and sewn so the participants just get to have the fun of decorating them.   I have sold the pins at various art fairs when I used to make dolls and they sold extremely well.  I need to make those G-rated, of course, but last year the artists at Fabrications made some really wild ones.  They worked well on the small bags Peg Keeney made for our ID.  Its a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with.doll pin


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  1. Thank you for sharing, facinating to see and hear how you achieve the end result. I find my pieces, some where along the way, take on a life of their own and some times a tangent. All for the positive.. Love your blog. vivian

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