Another Memorial

When I started this piece it symbolized hope.  I was inspired by a photograph in Operation Migration’s Field Journal entry of July 14, 2009 of a wild-hatched whooping crane chick and its parents.  The International Crane Foundation granted me permission to use the image as my inspiration.

Wild 901 "Too Fragile"

Wild 901 "Too Fragile" 24" x 29"

Unfortunately the next time the cranes were seen the chick was no longer with them.  ICF reports the short life of this wild born chick:

#W1-09 hatched on June 12 from an ICF captive egg that was substituted into the nest of #’s 12-02 & 19-04 after we determined their own eggs were infertile.  The chick appeared to be doing well when it was last seen with its parents on Sunday, July 12th.  When the family was next checked on Wednesday, July 15th the parents were out in the open but #W1-09 was not with them.  Eva Szyszkoski, ICF’s Tracking Field Manager, watched the pair for over an hour but never saw the chick and the behavior of the adults indicated they no longer had a chick.”

And so another memorial.   Please visit Operation Migration to learn about the establishment of an eastern migratory flock of the highly endangered Whooping Crane.  My 2007 Journal Quilt recognized their efforts.

To Save the White Birds 22" x 17"

To Save the White Birds 22" x 17"

To Save the White Birds DETAIL

To Save the White Birds DETAIL


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