Lost Season

For several years loons have nested at the north end of our lake.  One year they successfully raised two chicks; most years one.  This year they nested early and produced one chick.  I was able to observe the chick from a distance while kayaking the last weekend in June.  It was about half the size of the parents, a good sign.  But on July 4th we observed the loon pair out on the lake and could not see the chick.  Two days later a neighbor told me that a raptor had taken the chick the previous week.   I was, and still am, very sad.  A couple days later I began this piece:

Lost Season  34" x 26/5"

45 Degrees North: Lost Season (34" x 26/5")

I took a few breaks to finsh up a couple of other pieces but worked steadily on this with the studio windows open, listening for the occasional loon call.

Loon Feather Detail

Loon Feather Detail

I still need to hem the binding but will do that out on the dock, watching for the loons, hoping they will return and try again to raise chicks.



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5 responses to “Lost Season

  1. This is beautiful and very poignant.

  2. Aw… I feel for you, I, too, have a love for the loons and their peculiar call. Just reading your post and seeing this poignant piece makes me smell the lake water and hear the loons.. they are so shy..
    So precious. Thank you for sharing.

  3. deb

    Kathie, this piece is hauntingly beautiful. That loon feather looks so clear, both in meaning and visually. Sometimes I just hate mother nature!

  4. teri

    Oh Kathie- you know I love loons as much as you do. That’s the thing I miss most about the UP- we have loons here in Nova Scotia but the nearest lake is just far enough away that I cannot hear them. This is a beautiful, and very heart-tugging piece.


  5. Carol Loeb

    Kathie, it’s a beautiful piece: evocative and communicative. It shines.

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