BJ and the Squirrels

BJ and Squirrels 72 dpi
My friend, Barb Goodfellow, commissioned me recently to create a piece based on an experience she had that involved her dog, BJ, and a couple of squirrels chasing each other in an oak tree in her back yard.  In addition to BJ and the squirrels she wanted me to include her gazebo and rose garden.  Initially I thought this would be a rather large piece but the space she wanted to hang it dictated a horizonal piece.  I really struggled with how I woul deal with all the elements until I thought of a triptyk.  So I created three related pieces that will hang just a few inches apart.  The three pieces together are 48″ wide by 16″ high excluding the leaves that dangle down from the center panel.

BJ Center white background detail

Its a little more more pictorial than what I have been doing lately but I enjoyed the challenge.  The squirrels were particularly fun to make. I’ve done a lot of birds, flowers and fish but have steered away from mammals until now.  Since I’m starting my 45th North series and want to include some of the native critters, like the red fox who has a den under a nearby abandoned log cabin, I guess this is a start.

Squirrel detail


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One response to “BJ and the Squirrels

  1. deb

    Delightful! Love the fabric of the squirrels, brings to mind mendhi.

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