Collaborative Art

Our fiber arts study group “Northern Michigan Textile Artists” meets monthly at the Charlevoix Library.   We have around 20 members and usually 12-15 members at each meeting.  We’ve been meeting for 18 month and the library has asked us to exhibit our work in their gallery space and display cabinets.  Our show, tentatively called “Common Threads” will open just after Labor Day and run through October.  Most of the pieces will be small studies that we completed on specific themes but four of us, Kerry Bowes, Betsy Doyle, Gera Witte and I decided to make a larger collaborative piece.  Gera provided the photograph:

buoys small

I traced a line drawing and enlarged it to 40″ x 30″ then divided it into three strips.  We each worked independently and yesterday at the meeting all four strips were pinned into place:


From left to right the panels were create by Betsy, Kerry, Gera and me.  Gera will sew them together (they are already stitched) and add the connecting rope.   It was a fun project and its was especially interesting to see how each of us handled the imagery in a different way.

Here’s a photo of it hanging at the library where we have donated the piece after our show.  We added actual rope to tie the buoys together.



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2 responses to “Collaborative Art

  1. deb

    I love the photo, and each panel is gorgeous. But when combined they are even better. Do hope I get to see this piece in person.

  2. lovely,lovely, lovely

    Our Sisters in Cloth group has done a piece in this way, but we bound each individual portion of the picture and had 4 or 5 small pieces to make the larger composition. I like your way of doing it as one completed quilt. How will you quilt it? Will you each work on that step?

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